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Terry Riley's in C

live performance by David harrow

a solo live performance


 The year that Terry Riley first performed In C, the piece that laid the foundations for the entire minimalist movement, is also the year of my birth.

Turning full cycle to the present

 a time when contemporary synthesis has brought the principle of variation through repetition to our fingertips, reaching for the sublime through sonic immersion is needed more now than ever. 

The compositional quality

 of In C shines through the use of the new media, in fact the way the 53 phrases of the piece work with modern electronic is captivating.es of the piece work with modern electronic is captivating.


 a rediscovering Terry Riley’s importance in repetitive patterned sound whilst researching Minimalism for a class I was teaching in Los Angeles,

It became clear

 this piece should be reinvented, shifted from it’s temporal birthplace to reveal it still firmly at home, flourishing in todays Californian experimental music scene.


in C Live performance

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