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peace of me

'Peace Of Me' is about when you believe in something then you do what you can to hold onto it ?  You resist almost anything to keep it ? Because you feel it you talk about it, you try to share the belief, the more voices you can get to talk about it then the louder it becomes.  Words are very powerful and as a poet I feel that I have a responsibility to communicate, to bring to attention the issues that I consider not only to be important in my life but also the lives of others.

for justice

For Justice is about the mining communities that had their futures taken away without a thought for consequence.  There is no time more relevant than now for this to be remembered in the hope that industry and people never have to suffer like this again.  "They said we had so much to give then they forgot about us when they did what they did"  

artist and designer Niki Hare


This album is created as a collaboration, poetry by James Hope with music  and production by David Harrow . the stunning  artwork for this album was created Niki Hare. James is dyslexic and reading words is confusing.  Niki's artwork expresses the way that he see words, then the more you read into it, the more you  try to understand.  The vocals were  recorded in Bristol, England and the music at Workhouse studios Los Angeles.

Special thankyou to Brian Fowler for the photography